'we all have to start somewhere'

Zalani Foundation

Mentor Programme

'Accept Responsibility and Achieve Greatness'

Our Mentor Programme focuses on key aspects to assist with successful and dynamic new beginning


Mentorship & Positive Change

Youth who are overcoming stressors in their lives, such as poverty, discrimination, abusive situations, addictions, unstable homes, and academic life, are the primary focus of Zalani Foundation. Mentoring programs foster positive changes through goal setting, self-discipline, skill development, and friendship.


Mentorship & Unity

Adult mentors are able to help youth work on solutions for their family stresses, and provide an objective but caring sounding board. As a result, many youth and their families report improved relations at home. Families must buy into the benefit from our United Parenting program, a 10-month series of custom-designed information and discussion groups that enrich parenting effectiveness, especially in the area of cognitive skills associated with family management practices


Mentorship & Life Changing

Our programme attracts mentors to because they care about kids and their community. The typical mentor-youth relationship demands a commitment that must be sold to the potential mentor. For most mentors, this experience changes their lives, taps their inner resources, and challenges their convictions and beliefs.

'Be Someone's Strength, Be Someone's Inspiration, Be Someone's Reason to Never Give Up'

Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be reestablished that will give youth the commitment to follow through on path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Our Focus

‘Never Let Go of Your Goal, Always Keep it in Sight’

The target market for Zalani Foundation are young people ages eight to 16 that  have developed destructive habits that will lead down a path of hopelessness.  Zalani Foundation has created a series of mentoring programs that pair the young person with a trained mentor who will assist him or her in developing the habits and perspective that will lead to success and hopefulness in the future.

‘Seek and Hold onto Direction in Your Life, This is a Powerful Tool’

Fundraising & Donations

Helping Us Achieve Greatness!

How can we focus on our goals without the tremendous support from our sponsors and many other donations? Thank you!

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